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(Jan. 2021)
Wanted to extend a sincere thank you to our sweet friend, Laura Dorcas, for letting my family step away from the hustle and bustle of city life and experience a “touch of country” for a couple of hours! 

We got to feed and groom their horse and ponies, watch them run and even get a big hug from their resident donkey. Sweet memories and conversation. Very therapeutic!  

Thank you Laura and sharing this precious time with us. 


(April 2022)

I can't tell you how much Trot2YourHeart has meant to our son and our family. This program has helped him develop more empathy and compassion as well as overcome his fear of animals. He is kinder and more careful around God's creatures. It is amazing that such a high-quality program is available at no charge. Watching my son read to Cookie and Jam, and take cautious step after cautious step toward more engagement with others while learning self-control and self-management has been awesome. I can't wait to see much more he grows through this program! I highly recommend Trot2YourHeart for any children who experience life differently than most and am so thankful that we get to be part of Cookie and Jam's journey!

Best Regards,
Kimberly S

(March 2021)

My son, Erik, looks forward more than anything in the week to read to Cookie and Jam. It has made a huge difference in his reading confidence!


(Spring 2021)

   Our daughter, Lisa Kennedy, enjoyed a visit from Laura Dorcas and Michelle Bellaire of T2YH. 
   Facing the last weeks of her battle with ovarian cancer, she was at our house following treatment 
because it was more central and easier to reach MDA. 
   Laura and Michelle backed in their trailer and unloaded their precious little horses, Cookie and 
Jam. It was an instant attraction as they stood close to Lisa’s chair as she petted and loved on them. 
   They seemed to sense her love for animals, especially horses, and her delight in the attention. It was a 
relaxing time to be outside and a time to forget her pain.  The visit was indeed therapeutic with much
laughter and joy.  Her cousin and friend, Velda Desadier, joined the group, and the three-year old 
neighbor came running to the fence to join the excitement. 
   What a very pleasant afternoon resulted when that trailer rolled in, and what a cherished gift 
results from the ministry of T2YH!

(March 2021)
Today was awesome!  You all somehow made it even more special!  

I’ve already had Jack’s mother text me that he wouldn’t stop talking about the horses, bunny ears and eggs when she picked him up.  She was so appreciative of all the language experiences!  I thought I’d pass along…

(April 2022)

Testimonial from Shannon Fox, mother of Phoenix.

I wanted to write a special thank you to Laura Dorcas and Michelle Bellaire with Trot 2 Your Heart. My six-year-old son Phoenix has benefitted from his sessions with Cookie and Jam for a little over a year. These horses and their dear handlers have made a huge difference in Phoenix's life. I believe he has grown in the areas of gentleness, kindness, and self-control. I have pictures of him reading to Jam. I am not quite sure why a miniature horse is so motivating, but I do know the horses have an almost magical influence over my son. Dorcas and Bellaire make sure that their clients receive emails and notes from "Cookie and Jam," especially when the horses have to miss a session. These notes are highlights for Phoenix, and we save every one of them.

Brighter Vistas has provided a stuffed "Cookie" and "Jam" to come home for special weekend visits. I love the continuity this brings to Phoenix's relationship with the horses and the program. The way he delights in having his horse friends to snuggle, take to events, and care for confirms for me the importance of the relationship he has with the actual horses. One weekend, Phoenix created a "to do" list for Cookie while she was at our house. This encouraged writing, creating an order for the horses’ needs over the course of the day, and imaginative play.

I could not be more pleased with this program.

Thank you for your hard work and commitment to my son.

Shannon Fox

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