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About Us

Trot 2 Your Heart is a labor of love started by two friends who have witnessed the incredible impact horses can have on humans. With a combined 20+ years experience in equine assisted services, we are passionate about our mission and are excited about sharing our horses with all of you.

“Horses can detect minute changes in body language which provides a mirror for the child to gain insight into their own psyche." (Anderson, 2016)

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Why horses?

  • Horses are intelligent prey animals. They instinctively analyze and react to our body language and other non-verbal cues providing us with honest, non-judgmental feedback. Connecting with a horse provides comfort, encourages socialization, trust, and confidence. Horses are accepting of all kinds of people and often are a catalyst for change.


  • Horses are herd animals. They are social animals with defined roles within their herd. They have distinct personalities, attitudes, and moods like humans which provides opportunities for engagement and connection.

What We Do


Guiding mutual respect and trust through hands on ground activities and experiences with our horses, improvement is seen in the following areas: 


Communication Skills




Advocating for self and others


Who We Serve 


Small Groups


Assisted Living Facilities


Collaborating Organizations

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